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From August to December the lamb is available whole or halved and bagged into usable cuts.  I deliver it to you fresh from my local butcher or you can collect it from them.  It will fill 1.5 to 2 freezer drawers.


Hogget is between 1 and 2 years old and about a third bigger than the lamb with a richer, deeper flavour.  Delivery is free within 10 miles of my butchers in Ringmer.


In the Autumn I have a Pop Up Shop in Barcombe and sometimes sell mutton.




If you are interested in ordering lamb or hogget from me then

please call me on 07711317559 or email at [email protected]

A whole lamb box contains:


2 legs (whole or halved)

2 shoulders (whole or halved)

2 breasts, minced or rolled

Cutlet chops or Rack of Lamb

Loin chops

Chump chops

Neck as fillet or scrag


Heart and liver optional


If you would like something different I will request it from my butcher (extra charge depending on the cut)

LAMB £12.50/kg butchered

£6.50/kg unbutchered

Half lamb approx 6-7kg



HOGGET £9.50/kg

Half is approx 10-12kg



MUTTON £7/kg butchered

£3.50/kg unbutchered

With option of sausages

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