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"WOW!! Thankyou so much for our half lamb.  If it all tastes half as nice as it looks then we are in for a huge treat.  Hugh had the kidney with a fry up!  I'm amazed how much meat it is, and the number of meals we will be able to get out of it"


"The chops we had have been absolutley wonderful"


"We are delighted with the meat and appreciate all you do to supply such lovely food"


"Stunningly tender and delicious"


Buff Eagle


"Hi Susanna, thank you the lamb is beautiful.  I would very much like to be on your list for next year"


"We thoroughly enjoyed the lamb.  It makes such a difference eating locally produced meat"


De Miller


"I slow braised the shoulder on Saturday and I have to say it was divine and I also got a message from my sister to say she had the chops and loved them"


"Being a local and living in Newick for 40 yrs I like to support local produce and to find good produce is great.  I only found you via Facebook but would certainly recommend you in future"


"Just wish I had a bigger freezer to have a whole lamb"


Steven Rae


"OH MY GOD!!!! The lamb is sooooooooooo good!!!!!  I'll post some photos in due course, just wanted to say thank you!! Never tasted any meat as good as this...Melt in the mouth...X Happy Xmas"


"Incredible leg of lamb for Christmas Day!  Looking forward to using the rest of our meat in the New Year"


Trish Kelly Clowes


"We had one of your legs of lamb yesterday.  Studded with garlic and little salt and pepper - fabulous!  Thank you"


"Delicious liver and onions for dinner tonight thanks to Barcombe Romneys"


"We had the scrag in a stew 2 days ago equally delicious"


Theresa Helsby


"Well done.  Your lamb is absolutely delicious"


Doreen Willows


"I can confirm it's delicious!"


"We've been loving the lamb - it's so full of flavour!!  Thanks again"


Sophia Elizabeth


"Hi Susanna. Just wanted to say the lamb has been amazing.  Thank you!  Will spread the word"


Jane Nurse


"Your lamb is delicious, thank you"


Louise Lee


"Deliciouso lamb!  Quite a strong flavour, must be living on good grass and listening to good jazz"


Richard Hewson


"Absolutely superb and the depth of flavour was unbelievable.  I am now a mutton convert and will seek it out whenever possible"


Gordon Gurman










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May 28th 2016

Radio Interview with Charlotte Petts from Growing Wild on Radio Reverb!


Charlotte visited me on an unusually busy evening in the lambing field and ended up staying till after dark, holding her microphone in one hand a torch for me in the other!  


My first 2 weeks of lambing in 2016 had several ewes that needed assistance giving birth which was not what I had hoped for.  These lambs were very large and it was the ewe's first pregnancy and labour.  My theory on these large lambs is that they were the result of me feeding the ewes for 2 weeks, 6 weeks before they started lambing.  The weather was very cold and the grass was late growing.  They did not recieve a huge amount of feed but I should have trusted in the Romney's incredible ability to thrive in lesser conditions.  Also, in general the ewes were wonderfully fit and had stacks of grass for the majority of their pregnancy.  After these 2 weeks it balanced out and most of the ewes lambed unaided.  The lambs did look fantastic though!


In 2017 I hardly had to help anyone which is as I had hoped.

November 17th 2016

South East Prime Stock Show, Ardingly


We entered 2 lamb carcases into this annual competition and won a 3rd prize for one of them!!  I was totally surprised as I was up against lots of other farmers and by November most of my best lambs had already been sold.  Also, there was a maximum weight allowed and my lambs are all very large!


After the competition all the carcases are auctioned off and there is a butcher in the room that you can pay to cut it all up incredibly quickly!  


The top prize winning lambs went for top prices and many were bought by butchers who then displayed them, with all their rosettes and ribbons, in their shop windows.  


There are mostly only farmers present but I'd recommend it for a day out and a chance to buy amazing lamb direct from the producer!























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May 2017

Second Interview for Growing Wild!


Charlotte Petts came back for a follow up interview after 2017's lambing.  We talk about what I've learned over the year and what I might change in future.

January 15th 2017

Feature on BBC Sussex Radio


I momentarily feature on Dig It, Sussex Radio's gardening show!  Charlotte Pett's 2016 interview with me was chopped down to 3 minutes.  It is no longer available on this iplayer link but, honestly, I was breifly on the BBC.